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Gaiger, shih tzu -girl

Kennel Red-Deego (Shih Tzus)
Kirsikka Nurmi-Haara
Heinämaantie 19, 16300 Orimattila
+358-(0)44-222 2164
kirsikka (at) red-deego.com


  • 2020-09-27: 11 months old Red-Deego Yin On Yang Dragon, Tytti, achieved BOP at Porvoo 2020-09-12 and Best Bitch 3 at Shih Tzu Speciality Show 2020-09-20. Owned by: breeder and Mirva Immonen. Photo shot and copyrighted by Jarmo Ellilä

    Tytti BOP and BB-3
  • 2019-06-13: Red-Deego Dragon Goddess, 11 months, was BOB in Helsinki on June 8, 2019, and BOS in Hämeenlinna on June 9, 2019

    Pirkko BOB and BOS
  • 2019-06-13: Adore Charm Beside was BOS in Helsinki on June 8 and Best Dog 2 in Hämeenlinna on June 9

  • 2018-09-10: Red-Deego Dragon's Red Diamond was BOB in Heinola Aug 19, 2018, and Porvoo Sep 9, 2018

    Nicke was BOB in Heinola Aug 19, 2018, and Porvoo Sep 9, 2018
  • 2018-07-28: Red-Deego Sultan of Dragons received his Finnish Champion title in Mäntsälä on July 14th, 2018

    Matti became a Finnish Champion on July 14th, 2018
  • 2017-12-10: Nicke HeJW-17 and NordicJW-17, right to enter Crufts:

    Nicke HeJW-17 ja PMJV-17
  • 2017-10-31:Finnish Shih Tzu Club's Club Show 2017, Orimattila:

    BOB puppy Red-Deego Dragon's Wing
    BOS puppy Red-Deego Dragon's Look

    Club Show BOB puppy and BOS puppy